Best Apps to Watch Online Series and Novels on Android Mobiles and Tablets

If you are one of those who like to watch series online from mobile or tablet anywhere: in the car, bus, subway or train Here you will find the most complete list with the best applications to watch series. A total of 19 applications tested by Plaited technicians and with which we ensure that you will be able to see all the series you want.

The series have become major film productions. Currently series are made with a lot of quality in content, both visual and plot: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, A marvel for us, the viewers, and that make developers of mobile applications find the way to see those series with the highest possible quality from our smartphones. The advantage of watching them on a mobile device or tablet is that you can watch those series at the time you want and where you want, that’s why we have made this list.

The Best Android Apps to Watch TV Series on Mobile

The guide is going to be divided into 3 parts, the first part we will talk about the applications that require a monthly fee to be able to enjoy the series on the mobile, such as Movistar Plus, which, although it has alternatives to see it for free (Movistar Plus ), it is worth paying that fee because the content it offers is extensive and of great quality. The second part of the guide are free applications with which you can watch series on your mobile and, finally, the third part that we are going to teach you how to watch the series from your mobile using torrents. Also there are few free movies streaming sites like gomovies, popcornflix, movies123, 123movies, fmovies and many more more to watch movies online.


Netflix is the best-known application to watch series online and the preferred app for users to watch movies. Netflix is an online service for multimedia content (series such as Stranger Things and documentaries, movies) and that, although the download is free on Google Play, it is paid. That is, it works under a monthly subscription: Basic € 7.99 (1 device), Standard € 10.99 (2 devices), Premium € 13.99 (4 devices). Although it has a free trial month.

The price varies according to the devices you want to connect at the same time. Even if you pay for this app, we have to tell you that it is worth it because it offers quality series, with thousands of à la carte options and proposals that will allow you to see the series. Although here we have left you some tricks to watch Netflix for free or for just 2 euros a month.

Movistar Plus (Movistar +)

Movistar Plus (old Canal Plus) is an Android app to watch series online and is known to all users. Thanks to the Movistar + app (former Yomvi) you will be able to have the widest catalog of series on the market, movies and documentaries, football, NBA, Formula 1 and MotoGP,… You can download the Movistar + app for free on Google Play, although To be able to use it, you must pay a monthly fee according to the contracted package (Movistar Plus prices for packages). However, there are free alternatives to Movistar Plus to watch free series.


HBO is an application for Android mobiles that is among the TOP of apps to watch online series, documentaries and movies. It is possible that HBO is the application that has the highest number of quality series within this top, its catalog is huge. As with the previous ones, you can download HBO for free from Google Play, although in order to enjoy its content you will have to pay a monthly fee of 7.99 euros per month and that gives you the option of making up to 2 simultaneous plays. It also offers a free month in case you want to try it.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an app for Android with which you will be able to watch online series from your Android smartphone and tablet. Although it has a less important catalog than the previous ones, it is still one of the best when it comes to watching series, in addition to movies and documentaries. The application is downloaded for free on Google Play and the price to enjoy Amazon Prime Video is € 19.95 per year, but for Amazon Prime users it is free.

Rakuten TV (Wuaki TV)

Rakuten TV is an online video store that has a wide catalog of series to watch. The operation of this Android app is very similar to the others and you are going to be able to download it for free on Google Play. Here you will find complete series to watch, but also movies, documentaries and drawings for children. Rakuten TV requires a subscription to Wuaki Selection for an installment price of € 6.99 / month, although the first month is free. It has no commitment to stay. With this app you will be able to create your own lists and use the Chromecast functionality to be able to play on TV.

Rakuten Viki: Asian Dramas and Movies

Rakuten Viki is an Android application with which you can watch TV series from Taiwan or the most geeky shows in Japan. Rakuten Viki or VikiTV is one of the best applications to watch Asian programs and is one of the great world producers: Bollywood on your mobile. In addition, you can watch some anime series subtitled in Spanish, English, French, Arabic or Romanian Spanish, among other languages. This app is priced at $ 4.99 a month or $ 49.99 a year and a 7-day free trial period, although you can download it for free on Google Play.

The Best Android Apps to Watch TV Series on Mobile Free


Videomix may be the oldest app to watch free online series on the list. Videomix is also capable of playing movies. One of the main functions of Videomix is that it offers Chromecast functionality and that the series catalog is updated periodically so that all the series that are succeeding today are included. It should be noted that its interface is somewhat outdated, it is very ugly! But this does not mean that it is not powerful and easy to use. The application is no longer on Google Play, although you can download its APK for free.


Wiseplay is another of the applications to watch free series that we have included in the list. It is one of the most downloaded on Google Play and with this application you will not only be able to watch series, but you will be able to play movies, soccer games, television programs … You will be able to download it on Google Play for free. Wiseplay has a very powerful and simple interface in charge of playing the series on your mobile, in addition to all the multimedia content you want. Although for this you have to use the Wiseplay lists to see the free paid series.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another of the Android applications to watch series for free but in English. TubiTV has in its catalog more than 40,000 titles to watch free series, which makes it an impressive application. You have all the genres available ranging from drama, laughter, cooking shows, anime, … and also movies. It is an application that you will not find on Google Play but you can download its free APK to start watching online series in English.

Viewster, to Watch Japanese Anime

Viewster is an app to watch series for free from Android. This application offers the possibility, among many others, to watch Japanese anime content although there are many users of this app who complain that they do not have many subtitles in Spanish but you can find it in English. In addition to series, you will also be able to find Japanese films: from the classics to the latest releases. Another good thing that Viewster has is that it is compatible with Chromecast and all its content is officially licensed. To download the app you will have to go to Google Play and you will find it for free.


Show Box is an Android application with which you will be able to play series and watch movies online and is one of the most popular among Android users. However, it is an application that is not available on Google Play, so you will have to download its APK for free or, go to the official page and download the app. In addition, with Show Box you have the option to download the series to watch it without an Internet connection.


Kodi is, for us, one of the best options to watch series online. It is an Android application to watch series from the mobile and that is why it is within the list of our favorite applications. In addition to enjoying movies, music or soccer, Kodi is capable of playing free TV series. It is an application that is free and you can download it on Google Play. In order to see the content in Kodi you will have to install the Addons.


Atresplayer is an application of the Atresmedia group in which you are going to be able to watch series from its networks (Antena 3, Neox), as well as movies and television programs that are broadcast. This application offers the advantage that it is compatible with Chromecast and you can create your own list to be able to play what you want.


Crackle is another application to watch free series from your mobile or tablet. Crackle has over 20 million users and is updated frequently. One of the advantages of this application is that you do not need to subscribe to it in order to enjoy it. At Crackle, in addition to series, you will be able to watch quality films, television programs and, above all, the most current series completely free of charge. You cannot download Crackle from Google Play and you will have to download its APK for free.

TV Series – Series Manager

TV Series is considered by our Plaitec technicians as one of the best apps to manage preferred series and novels from mobile phones. With this app you are not going to be able to watch series, as its name indicates it is a manager and with this application you are going to be able to play trailers of series and television programs from your mobile phone and it offers you the necessary information about what you are looking for and want to see.

TV Series has a very intuitive interface with 3 visible panels. In the main panel you will see the current series and in the rest of the panels you will have all the news (in English) and a calendar of when the next chapters or episodes will be. The good thing about this app is that the advertising is not aggressive and not very invasive. You can download TV Series for free from Google Play.

JustWatch – Search Engine Streaming and Cinemas

We have included the JustWatch app because, although it is not an application to watch series, it serves to see on which platforms you can see what you are looking for. In other words, if you want to see “La se avecina” or “Game of Thrones”, for example, the Just Watch app will inform you on which platform you can watch the series: Netflix, HBO, … JustWatch collaborates with other platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Crackle, XBOX, Vudu, iTunes, Playstation 4, etc. Hence, we have included it in the list. The application is available for free download on Google Play.


Now you can download torrents on the Android mobile and, with the uTorrent Remote application, it will allow you to see the series from your mobile as if it were a computer or PC, it may even go much faster than a PC (taking account the mobile). Once you download the Google Play application, you will only have to download the free torrents from online pages: