Best Sites to Watch EuroSport Online Live

See EuroSport Live to watch MotoGP and tennis Online] EuroSport is a reference sports channel today and here you will find all the information to watch Eurosport online and live, on TV and thus be able to watch MotoGP races and watch all tennis matches among many other sports, including the upcoming 2020 Olympics.

We have compiled the best sites to watch EuroSport online so that you can enjoy the best tennis matches online, the Olympic Games, Athletics, winter sports, motor racing and motorcycling, including training sessions and some MotoGP races.

Our technicians have tried all the ways to see EuroSport Online so you can trust what we are going to recommend, since they have been sites that have been tested for more than 2 months and have been very knowledgeable at the time selecting those that work best. These sites offer the possibility of watching EuroSport Online from the PC, from the mobile or tablet and on a Smart TV.

Ways to Watch EuroSport on The Internet

Although for many of you the way to see the races, athletics, or any sport that EuroSport offers is in the living room and on television, the truth is that today they are mobile devices such as mobiles or tablets and even the PCs that are being protagonists when it comes to watching sports online and live.

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television

IPTV technology offers thousands of channels, including EuroSport, with a high quality of service. Although this depends on the speed of the Internet connection. IPTV networks are public and are regulated by telecommunications companies and, for the signal to work, they need a decoder.

In order to enjoy the IPTV service you will need to contract a package or plan with a telecommunications company: Movistar, Vodafone, Orange paying a monthly fee depending on the packages chosen.


EuroSport is a project between the private companies of TF1 and Sky Televisión. The first EuroSport broadcasts took place in 1989, in collaboration with the EBU or the European Broadcasting Union. The satellite dish was the most widely used method for receiving the frequencies of the sports channel, until the appearance of the aforementioned IPTV technology.

Where to Watch EuroSport Live?

EuroSport is the king sports channel for those users who are looking to enjoy more sports than soccer, although they also usually include some soccer competition. EuroSport has two different channels and each one of them broadcasts different sports:

EuroSport 1

The main sports competitions are broadcast on the EuroSport 1 channel: MotoGP, tennis matches, …

EuroSport 2

The EuroSport 2 channel its programming is complementary. On this channel they usually broadcast futsal games, basketball Eurocup.

See Motogp Online EuroSport

With EuroSport you can watch MotoGP Online for Free. There are times when they broadcast the MotoGP World Championship races but above all you can see the MotoGP settings for free.

Watch Live Tennis at EuroSport

With EuroSport you can watch tennis live and direct, on the channels of Europost 1 and Eurosport 2. This channel always broadcasts exclusively the Grand Slam, which are the most important tennis tournaments of the year (Australian Open, Roland Garros and Open USA). Although it also broadcasts live some ATP 250 (Sidney, Doha or Brisbane).

To see EuroSport Online in Spain you need, as we have said before, a pay television operator that includes these channels. These are the different alternatives.

Eurosport in DAZN

DAZN is a sports content platform that has the EuroSport channels. Of course, monthly subscription of 9.99 euros is required. With this monthly payment you can access all the content that EuroSport offers as other content such as online boxing, English League football games, UFC fights.

In addition, you can see DAZN for free because it has a month trial for new users. This trial month has no commitment or restrictions, you can enjoy all the content and the best live sports.

EuroSport on Movistar

Movistar + is another of the places where you can see EuroSport live and thus not miss any of the main sporting events. The Movistar family package is the one included with the channels of EuroSport 1 and EuroSport 2. To be able to access this Movistar package you will have to have a Movistar Fusion rate.

EuroSport on Vodafone

With Vodafone TV you will have the most complete package of Vodafone television, also this package is the one that includes EuroSport and more than 120 channels. Depending on the mobile line you hire, the price of Vodafone TV Total varies.

See EuroSport in Orange

EuroSport is also available on Orange TV, what’s more, EuroSport 1 and EuroSport 2 are the only sports channels that it includes in its Orange TV Cinema and Series package. The price varies according to the contracted rate that, for example, we can find for about 9.95 euros to watch the channel of EuroSport and Cinema and Series on Orange TV.

EuroSport Player to Watch EuroSport Online Live

EuroSport Player is an application with which you can watch EuroSport Online and can be downloaded from the official EuroSport website. The price of this service depends on the type of subscription and ranges from:

  • Annual subscription: € 39.99
  • Annual subscription for monthly installments: € 3.99 each month
  • Monthly subscription: € 6.99


With EuroSport Player you have access to live broadcasts and you can simultaneously watch several courts, for example from tennis tournaments and even several soccer matches at the same time. With EuroSport Player you can go back 3 hours the live broadcast and repeat the moments you have missed or want to see again. EuroSport Player is available for Android, iPhone and iPad PCs, mobiles and tablets, as well as for TV with Smart TV.